Micro Pipes (2-pack)


A Perfect Portable Pipe

This borosilicate glass pipe is made to fit in our Pocket Smoking Kit (but of course can be used separately).



•  2 Reusable Borosilicate Glass Pipes



Length: 80mm      Stem Diameter: 4mm      Bowl Diameter: ~8mm

The pipe's shape allows for a simple dip-and-twist into the Glass Vial from our Pocket Smoking Kit to pack a 'single serving' sized bowl.

Once you have exhausted the bowl, gently tap the lighter on the pipe's stem to knock out the ashes. You could also blow the ashes out of the pipe, but we prefer the tapping method because your breath will condense in the pipe stem and cause it to clog faster.



After numerous uses, you may experience some clogging in the stem. If this happens, you can simply slide a rod through the stem to clear it. Alternatively, you can soak the pipe in isopropyl rubbing alcohol to loosen any clogs and thoroughly clean it with a pipe cleaner/fuzzy stick thing.


-All items will be shipped in a standard nondescript bubble mailer package.

-MUST be 19 years or older to purchase.

-Federal and State laws apply. SmokeWorms will not be held responsible for any unlawful acts committed in the purchasing of the above TOBACCO product.


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